The President

In case of absence or inability to work, the President is replaced by one of the Vice Presidents, under the authorization of the President.

Association has four Vice-Presidents which correspond to the President and Rector Conference for their performance and tasks. Every Vice-President is responsible for governing one of the Standing Committees of the Association.

The President is in charge of the following:

Administers activities of the Association;

  • Represents the Association in legal transactions and is authorized as financial ordering party
  • Appoints and dissolves Secretary General;
  • Chairs General Assembly and Rector Conference meetings;
  • Prepares annual budget proposal;
  • Is responsible for budget implementation;
  • Prepares annual accounts and annual report pursuant to the law;
  • Organizes programs for exchange of information and experience on issues of mutual interest;
  • Sets up standing and ad hoc working groups;
  • Coordinates work of the Secretariat and committees;
  • Performs other activities in accordance with the Statute and law.