The General Assembly

The General Assembly is comprised of one representative of each full member. The General Assembly hold meetings once a year. An Extraordinary General Assembly can be convened by the President, Rector Conference or at least one third of its members by submitting a written request. The General Assembly reaches Decisions by a simple majority of votes of the present members. In the case of a tie, the vote of the President is decisive.

The General Assembly performs the following:

  • Adopts the plan and work program;
  • Adopts Statute, as well as amendments to the Statute;
  • Adopts other general regulations of the Association;
  • Elects the President and Vice-Presidents;
  • Considers and adopts annually reports from the other bodies of the Association;
  • Decides on the admission and exclusion of members of the Association;
  • Considers and adopts the financial plan and report;
  • Considers and adopts the budget;
  • Decides on membership fee;
  • Decides on status changes and termination of the Association;
  • Decides to initiate proceedings for damages in cases under Article 25 Paragraph 2 Law on Associations and, if necessary, determines a special agent for the association in this process;
  • Decide on the merger in other federations and associations in the country and abroad;
  • Performs other duties in accordance with the Statute and the law.