Frequently Asked Questions

The name of the association is: "Alliance of Central-Eastern European Universities".

The Alliance is established as a voluntary, non-profit making non-governmental organization. The Alliance has a capacity of a legal person which is acquired by its entering in the Register of Associations with the Business Entities Register.

The seat of the Alliance is in the premises of the EDUCONS University in Novi Sad, Vojvode Putnika BB, Republic of Serbia.

Bodies of the Alliance are the following:

Alliance bodies are elected for a two-year period. Alliance bodies can have their Rules of Procedure. Adoption of Rules of Procedure is within the competence of a body whose work is to be regulated.

The Alliance is set up for the following purposes:

  • developing mutual cooperation and understanding;
  • exchange of students;
  • exchange of academic staff;
  • organization of joint bachelor, master or doctoral programmes;
  • organization of seminars, conferences and workshops with topics of common interest;
  • exchange of information on researches, educational programmes and teaching/studying material;
  • submission of joint applications for participation in national, sub-regional, regional and EU research projects;
  • development of joint publishing activities;
  • homogenization of curricula etc.;
  • increase of university education standards;
  • attainment of other objectives in accordance with law.

Rights and obligations of the Alliance members are as follows:

  •  to vote and be voted in the Alliance bodies;
  • to participate in the work of the Alliance and to promote its objectives;
  • to give proposals and make objections to the work of the Alliance;
  • to protect the honor, dignity and reputation of the Alliance;
  • to pay membership fees;
  • as well as other rights pursuant to the Statute and law

Following Universities are the members of ACEU:

  • Educons University
  • FON University Skopje
  • Spiru Haret University
  • University of Presov in Presov
  • Univerzitet Donja Gorica
  • University "Luigj Gurakuqi"of Shkodra
  • Medical University "REAVIZ"
  • ISMA University of Applied Sciences
  • International University Travnik

More detailed information about members of ACEU is available at Membership page.