CCEDEP Conference 2016 - Istanbul, Turkey

6th Climate Change, Economic Development, Environment and People (CCEDEP) Conference of the Alliance of Central-Eastern European Universities (ACEU) (May 7-8, 2015)


During the past years, CCEDEP conference has been organized in Serbia, Slovakia, Montenegro and in Bulgaria and has gained a momentum as a platform where experts can present research and exchange knowledge and information regarding various environment and development-related topics. This year’s conference was co-organized by the Alliance of Central-Eastern European Universities (ACEU) and Kaposvár University.


The CCEDEP conference gathered experts and researchers from the fields of the collaborative economy, knowledge economy, green economy, climate change, environmental management, regional and rural development, energy, sustainable development and ecosystem services. Contributions from the relevant conference themes can be disciplinary, multidisciplinary or inter-disciplinary character. 


The aim of the conference was to present the current researches in topics of sharing economy, knowledge economy, green economy, environmental management, economic and regional development, climate change and related fields. The conference will provide an opportunity for information and knowledge exchange of relevant experts and researchers in those fields, with the purpose of fostering international cooperation and new initiatives.


The Organizers welcome research papers related to the following topics:


Environmental Management

Knowledge economy

Green economy

Sharing economy and its related services

Collaborative finance

Collaborative consumption

Regional and Urban development

Rural Development

Regional sustainability

Ecosystem services

Climate Change